Smiling in the rain

At the end of the photo shoot today, the heavens opened and it just started pouring down rain. Barrett and Christal were so laid back and super fun, they just decided to go with it and get a couple of shots in the rain. This is the kind of couple I love working with! They trudged through all the tall grass, endured the heat and humidity...all while putting smiles on their faces. :) What more could I want? This is a shot from today's rain portion...it might be a favorite of mine, even though the faces are kind of blocked by the rain. More photos to come in the next couple of days.


Summer in Arrington

This past Saturday I shot a lovely couple for their engagement session. They got engaged at Arrington Vineyards, so we went back for the first part of the shoot. It was my first time there and it is an absolutely gorgeous place. I'm not kidding. So pretty. I am definitely going to go back when I can enjoy the wine tastings and beautiful landscape. Here are a couple of shots from that day. Sarah and Drew were such a pleasure to photograph!!


could they BE any more adorable?

These three little adorable munchkins were in the wedding I shot in St. Louis this past weekend.


I love when couples choose their own poses. It makes capturing the moment all the more unique and special.

St. Louis

I just got back from shooting a wedding in St. Louis. I absolutely love traveling for weddings, and this was no exception. Every single member of both families were there to celebrate and have fun, and I couldn't have had a better time spending a full day with everyone.