Thank you, Marathon Village, for providing a great setting for the pre-wedding photos!
More photos to come. The wedding was this past Saturday.


Mandy's Bridal Shoot

Mandy Spears is a good friend, and I couldn't be more happy to be involved in her wedding process! Last weekend we did a Bridal shoot for her, and I was in love with her dress. The next day, come to find out, she bought ANOTHER wedding dress! So, her Bridal shoot dress is now the reception dress...instead of the wedding dress. I still can't post any full body photos of the dress, so I'll just share a couple of my favorite "head" shots...and a leg shot as well.

the Great Nashville Flood Wedding.

Last weekend, during the Flood of 2010, I shot a wedding for a wonderful couple. Jackie and Joey are two of the sweetest most caring people you will ever meet. Their love for God certainly shines through whatever they do. The plan was to have the wedding outside at the Tap Root Farm in Franklin. Once rumors of rain started circulating, they rounded up a Plan B...that was to have the wedding in a screened in covered porch. But once the rains came down...and down...and kept coming down...Plan B was flooded. So, they moved to Plan C and had the ceremony and reception inside the Tap Root Farmhouse. The couple that lived there couldn't have been more awesome. Here are some shots from that crazy day!