I can't post any photos for a while because I've done some bridal shoots, and I can't release the images until after the wedding. But, I just got back from Chicago yesterday!!! I went with 3 friends and it was such a fun trip. I turned 25 yesterday, so it was a perfect birthday get-a-way. This was probably my favorite birthday yet! Hopefully I can post some photos soon!


Austin Wedding.

A couple of days ago I got back from shooting a wedding in Austin, TX. It was such a fun weekend. I'm digging in to the pictures now, but I thought I'd post a dress photo.


Long time, no post

Ok, so I haven't posted any photos in a while. I apologize. But I just got a new camera and two new lenses and I am completely ecstatic. I purchased a D700 with a 50mm and 17-24mm. I just had a shoot with a local musician, and very good friend, Tyler Flowers. He is completely amazing. It was my first shoot with my new camera. I'm in the middle of editing them, but I want to post a couple. Also, next weekend I get the privilege of traveling to Austin, TX to shoot a wedding. I'm looking forward to that!!