more of Amie and Lee

Here are some more photos from Amie and Lee's engagement shoot!!

Olivia and Timberly

When I went on vacation last week, I was able to squeeze in a photo shoot for some wonderful people! Olivia, the little girl, is super cute and loves to get her picture taken. Here are some shots from Gulf Shores, AL!


Amie and Lee

I did an engagement shoot yesterday. I'm editing them right now, but I wanted to post a couple of photos.


More of Melanie: Installation Four

Here are the final photos of Melanie's shoot. She was super easy to shoot because she's so beautiful!


All-American Adam

So I'm done editing Adam's photos, but I'm sure there will still be more to do because I can't seem to come to a final look on them. Anyway, here are a handful for your viewing pleasure.


Magnolias & Pearls: Installation Four

The same day of Adam's shoot, Lauren and I did an installation for her portfolio. Our friend, Melanie, was an awesome model! I've been so busy with editing Adam's photos that I have only edited one photo from Melanie's shoot, but I wanted to put that one up here because I love it.


Fesslers Lane shoot

This morning I had a fantastic shoot with my friend Adam Stunkle. He is becoming an actor and wanted some photos done...and I wanted him to help me build up my portfolio. And it also doubled as a shoot for Lauren's hair portfolio. Here's a headshot from the day...I haven't edited many photos yet.