Trash the Dress Sneak Peek

Today I did a Trash the Dress session for Kali. She lives on a ton of land, so we stayed at her house and had a great time! Here are a couple of images from today!

Cooke-Beauchamp Wedding

This past Saturday I shot a wedding at Harpeth Hills Church of Christ here in Nashville. It was a great day. I had the most definite blessing of having a great assistant Aron Wright and he was marvelous. Here is a sneak peak of the wedding.


Amie's Bridal Portraits

So, about a month ago I shot bridal portraits for Amie and I haven't been able to post them because her and her husband were not going to see each other before the ceremony. We had a great day and every location was perfect. Check some of them out!



I haven't posted in a while...mainly because I've been super busy with two jobs. But, here are a couple of photos I have taken at two weddings. They were both super fun and I loved both couples. Amanda and Scott got married in Austin, TX so I was able to fly out there and visit TX for the first time! Caroline and Hector got married here in Nashville, and they had two wedding receptions...which was a first for me!



I can't post any photos for a while because I've done some bridal shoots, and I can't release the images until after the wedding. But, I just got back from Chicago yesterday!!! I went with 3 friends and it was such a fun trip. I turned 25 yesterday, so it was a perfect birthday get-a-way. This was probably my favorite birthday yet! Hopefully I can post some photos soon!


Austin Wedding.

A couple of days ago I got back from shooting a wedding in Austin, TX. It was such a fun weekend. I'm digging in to the pictures now, but I thought I'd post a dress photo.


Long time, no post

Ok, so I haven't posted any photos in a while. I apologize. But I just got a new camera and two new lenses and I am completely ecstatic. I purchased a D700 with a 50mm and 17-24mm. I just had a shoot with a local musician, and very good friend, Tyler Flowers. He is completely amazing. It was my first shoot with my new camera. I'm in the middle of editing them, but I want to post a couple. Also, next weekend I get the privilege of traveling to Austin, TX to shoot a wedding. I'm looking forward to that!!


Blondes! : Installation Five

I shot another installation for Lauren's portfolio. She has several clients that are all blonde various styles of the same haircut. Here are a couple of shots!


more of Amie and Lee

Here are some more photos from Amie and Lee's engagement shoot!!

Olivia and Timberly

When I went on vacation last week, I was able to squeeze in a photo shoot for some wonderful people! Olivia, the little girl, is super cute and loves to get her picture taken. Here are some shots from Gulf Shores, AL!


Amie and Lee

I did an engagement shoot yesterday. I'm editing them right now, but I wanted to post a couple of photos.


More of Melanie: Installation Four

Here are the final photos of Melanie's shoot. She was super easy to shoot because she's so beautiful!